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ART Advisors creates fertility specific solutions.  We understand the requirements needed to balance the business side of a fertility clinic with a high standard of care.  We have worked with many clinics and understand the complexities of fertility healthcare.


Understanding Unique Workflows for Patient, Nurse, Staff and Provider

ART Advisors can Identify workflow improvements throughout the entire patient care process.  We recognize that patients, nurses, staff and providers all have uniques workflows that need to overlap properly in order to provide proper patient care; while reducing redundancies and insuring all steps in patient care are completed and documented.


Handling Intake Forms, Consents, FDA Clearance, Financial Clearance, Encounters (Superbills), Package, Stim Sheets

ART Advisors can help you easily manage the documents that are associated to your patients visits, cycles, and packages.  We can identify proper mechanism to make sure all of these are complete, verified and in place prior to treatment.


Enhancing Communication Between Patients, Nurses, Staff and Providers

We can show you ways to increase the communication between patients, nurses, staff and providers.  This will reduce errors, redundancy and uncertainty while increasing patient care and lowering practice liability.


Proper Appointments, Encounters (Superbills), Fee Schedules (Packages), Charge Capture and Claims.

ART Advisors recognize the unique and complex aspects of billing in fertility medicine. Let us help you efficiently manage fertility’s unique requirements from registration through charge capture and claims submissions.  


Efficient Medication Ordering, Filling, Dispensing and Delivering.

ART Advisors can help you encourage greater compliance while creating an additional source of revenue and improving your patient’s experience.

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